American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) Conference 2019 for emerging leaders (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: December 15th, 2018 at 11:59 PST.

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue (AMENDS)’s mission is to create a platform for promising youth leaders whose work impacts the Middle East, North Africa and United States to share and grow their initiatives. During the conference, we provide delegates opportunities to develop key skills, network and collaborate with established leaders, experts, and fellow changemakers, and share the story of their initiatives with a wider audience after receiving coaching and editing support.

Delegates are selected based on the level of their dedication to promoting change in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and/or in U.S.- MENA relations and the potential for their initiative to have an strong impact. AMENDS will also heavily consider the past experiences and backgrounds of each delegate that will enable him/her to contribute a unique perspective to the conference, in order to ensure a rich, diverse group of delegates.

This year, the annual summit will be held over five days towards the end of June 2019. Please consider your availability when applying, but if you are unavailable for a portion of the time do not hesitate to apply.

شروط التأهل

يجب على المتقدمين:

  • يكون 18 - 28 عامًا.
  • be proficient in English.
  • لديهم أفكار مبتكرة ومبادرات مدروسة يمكن أن تحدث تغييرا إيجابيا في العالم.
  • لديها مبادرات تعالج القضايا السياسية أو الاجتماعية أو الاقتصادية التي تؤثر على الشرق الأوسط.
  • demonstrate the potential to enrich American-Middle Eastern affairs.

سوف يقوم المندوبون المقبولون بما يلي:

  • Present a 6-7 minute recorded talk about their initiative at the AMENDS conference. Hosted on our Youtube channel, these talks have been viewed by over 200,000 people.
  • حضور ورش عمل بناء المهارات حول موضوعات مثل: تصميم التفكير، تمويل الجماعي، وتطوير القيادة.
  • حضور عشاء الشبكات.
  • Receive financial and logistical assistance with flights and visas to and from the 2019 AMENDS conference. Accommodations and food will be provided.
  • انضم إلى شبكة "أميند فيلوس"، وهي شبكة مكتفية ذاتيا من المندوبين السابقين "شنومكس". على مدى السنوات الماضية شنومكس، عقد مؤتمر لم الشمل سنويا للزملاء.

للمزيد من المعلومات:

Visit the Official Webpage of the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) Conference 2019

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