Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Young Talent Programme (AYTP) 2019 Summer Internship for young Nigerian University Students

الموعد النهائي للتقديم: آذار 1st 2019

برنامج المواهب الشابة ARM (AYTP) is designed to provide exemplary university students with the opportunity to develop an early career at ARM through exposure to meaningful assignments that offer opportunities to gain real-world experience.

It is the chosen way to influence the development of talent in our environment. The AYTP offers our interns good learning opportunities, via practical work experience prior to entry into the labour market or progression to further ones’ career. The AYTP allows ARM tackle some of the challenges relating to capacity building, by facilitating the creation and provision of possible employment opportunities for interns upon obtaining their University degree and completion of their internship programme with the firm.

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  • مرشح يجب أن يكون الطالب الجامعي
  • مرشح يجب have completed at least a year of their degree
  • مرشح يجب be on track for a 2:1 degree or equivalent
  • مرشح يجب be available to resume in June 2019 if successful

الواجبات الرئيسية والمسؤوليات
In addition to working with the best people in the industry, our interns are provided with comprehensive training in an environment which is geared towards learning, and are exposed to real life business projects, transactions, and company initiatives.

At the end of the programme, interns are required to write a report and give a presentation on a project topic in order to assess their suitability. In addition to developing technical skills and experience, the AYTP provides interns the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills through networking with other interns, current employees and clients.

يرجى ملاحظة ما يلي؛

موقع البرنامج لاغوس ، نيجيريا.

The programme will start 17th June 2019 .

من المتوقع أن يكون المرشحون متاحين فعليًا للبرنامج.

لن يتم توفير الإقامة والنقل.

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