British Council Creative Enterprise Programme 2019 – East Africa

الموعد النهائي للتقديم: أيار 31st 2018

The Creative Enterprise Programme is a four-day practical workshop that equips creative entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Expert facilitators, as well as local market specialists, will provide face-to-face support to help entrepreneurs explore business ideas, develop their business proposition, and create a business model that suits their hopes and motivations.

In June 2019, the British Council in partnership with نيستا (the UK’s innovation Foundation) will deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme again to East Africa.

  • The programme will deliver a four-day workshop in الخرطوم، السودان من عند 24 - 27 June 2019, focusing on the following creative entrepreneur categories – graphic designers, visual artists, painters, mural designers, illustrators, fine arts and comic artists.
  • The programme will deliver a four-day workshop in كمبالا، أوغندا من عند 05 – 08 August 2019, focusing on the following creative entrepreneur categories, performing artists, dancers, actors, fashion designers and filmmakers.

برنامج المؤسسة الإبداعية تم تصميمه لدعم رواد الأعمال الذين هم بالفعل في طور إنشاء مشروع إبداعي خاص بهم. محتوى ورشة العمل وأنشطتها ذات صلة بالأشخاص الذين تعمل الشركات الخاصة بهم والذين هم في المراحل المبكرة للغاية.

It’s suitable for people just starting out and for people who have been running a business for a long time, to take a fresh look at their business using new methods.

We want everyone to take part in our programmes. Wherever possible, we aim to make our programmes and services accessible to all interested applicants. Please let us know if you have any special access needs and we shall do our best to help.


يجب على جميع المشاركين في CEP:

  • Be a creative business, working in the relevant creative industry – fiction and nonfiction writers, editors, publishers, journalists, screenwriters, scriptwriters, illustrators, graphic novelists, comic artists, playwrights, bloggers and poets
  • Have an already established enterprise or be in the later stages of developing an idea. This is typically a business no more than two years old but can be a more established business wishing to pause and consider their model through the CEP lens
  • كن على استعداد لتبادل معارفهم وخبراتهم مع المجموعة في بيئة تعليمية مفتوحة وداعمة
  • Come prepared to work on their business/idea, to progress through the programme, considering peer feedback, to strengthen their proposition
  • كن منفتحًا على دعم زملائك المشاركين في تطوير أفكارهم من خلال تقديم ملاحظات بناءة عند الاقتضاء
  • تكون متاحة لمدة كاملة من البرنامج.

للمزيد من المعلومات:

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