Climate Tracker DietChangeNotClimateChange writing competition 2018 for young writers ( partially-funded to Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations in Egypt!)

Join the #DietChangeNotClimateChange writing competition و win a partially-funded spot to the Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations in Egypt!

Climate Tracker are looking for young writers from حول العالم who want to make a big impact in their countries by writing about the effects of meat consumption on climate change.

Meat, dairy, and egg production are among the leading causes of human-caused climate change, soil erosion, water pollution, and the decrease in biodiversity. According to the FAO, farmed animals are responsible for 14.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Animal agriculture also accounts for at least half of all food-related greenhouse gas emissions. In total, the global food system contributes about 30% of all human-made emissions. Worldwide, the top 20 meat and dairy corporations produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the whole of Germany.

There is consistent evidence that diets high in plant-based foods and lower in animal products are less damaging to the climate. Consider, for example, that producing 1 kg of beef releases between 16 kg and 30 kg of carbon dioxide into the environment, while producing 1 kg of tofu releases only 1 kg of carbon dioxide. For example, replacing beef with beans would free up 42% of US farmland, achieve 75% of the US’s 2020 climate goal, and provide more than sufficient dietary protein.

الـ 2 best writers will get a chance to attend the Convention on Biological Diversity negotiations in Egypt, in November 2018. There you will receive training on environment, biodiversity and journalism by Climate Tracker, get to attend the international climate negotiations and meet amazing people from everywhere in the world! You cannot miss this chance!


Climate Tracker will cover your 2-weeks accommodation in Egypt, provide you with the necessary accreditation, and give you an intense training on journalism and environment. It will also offer a 300 EUR stipend to cover your flight or other expenses.

Do you want to make a difference? Here is what you have to do:

بين ال 17th of September and the 12th of October لديك ل write an article about effects of meat consumption on climate change and what needs to change in your country.

ثم يجب عليك نشر المقال في وسائل الإعلام في بلدك أو منطقتك. يمكن أن تكون جريدة ، مجلة ، موقع إخباري على الإنترنت ، إلخ. بمجرد نشر مقالتك ، يجب عليك إرسال الرابط إلينا من خلال تطبيقنا.

Climate Tracker will revise the articles submitted through the app, give you feedback and tips, and select the best writers. The 2 best writers will get a partially-funded fellowship to Egypt, to the CBD meeting.

لمساعدتك في الكتابة عن هذه المشكلات ، ستقوم شركة Climate Tracker بإعداد مجموعة أدوات معلومات وندوات عبر الإنترنت مع خبراء وتعطيك المساعدة والتغذية المرتدة حول كيفية تقديم النصح للمحررين أو الحصول على مقالة منشورة أو معرفة المزيد عن المناخ في منطقتك. لتكون على اطلاع على تفاصيل البرنامج ، تحقق من التطبيق بانتظام.

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