DAAD Call for Scholarship Applications 2019 at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

الموعد النهائي للتقديم: تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر) 15th 2018

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), as a publicly funded, selfgoverning
organisation of the institutions of higher education in Germany, promotes
international academic exchange as well as educational co-operation with
developing countries through a variety of funding and scholarship programmes.
كجزء من „ /In-Region Scholarship Progamme” DAAD offers scholarships for
دراسات الدكتوراه.

The programme is funded by the German Federal Ministry of
Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and aims at university staff in the
first line, without neglecting the public sector demand of academically trained

The target group for scholarships are postgraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa
(excluding South Africa) with a Master’s degree who want to pursue PhD courses
in South Africa (In-Region scholarships). It has been agreed upon that DAAD cooperates with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) by offering up to six In-Region Scholarships for PhD studies at AIMS for the intake 2019.


  • have successfully completed generally a two-year university degree
    (doctoral candidates) with above average results (upper forth of class)
  • تظهر بوضوح الدافع والالتزام القوي
  • لديهم معرفة دقيقة بلغة التدريس
  • have completed their last university degree not more than 6 years ago at
    the time of application
  • must be nationals or permanent resident of a Sub-Saharan African
    Country, excluding South Africa
  • should generally be a) staff member of a public university, b) candidate
    considered for teaching or research staff recruitment, c) from the public
  • Female applicants and candidates from less privileged regions or groups are
    especially encouraged to participate in the programme.

Eligible Field

The /In-Region Scholarship Programme supports studies in subject areas with
strong relevance to national development.
The scholarships at AIMS are available in the following fields:

  • العلوم الرياضية

مكان الحيازة

  • The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 6-8 Melrose Road, Muizenberg
    7945, South Africa; Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, University
    of the Western Cape

المدة وبدء

  • The duration of the PhD programme is generally three years generally starting in January 2019

Applicaion and Selection Procedure
تحتوي عملية التطبيق على خطوتين.

الخطوة الأولى:

  • يجب على المتقدمين التقدم بطلب للحصول على دراساتهم في AIMS باستخدام جهات الاتصال والأسلوب
    that is prescribed by the institution. AIMS has set its own deadlines. AIMS will screen, pre-select (according to DAAD selection criteria) and short-list
    the applicants.
  • A detailed report consisting of the shortlisting procedure, the entire
    قائمة المتقدمين ، والقائمة المختصرة المرتبة وأعضاء لوحة القائمة المختصرة سوف أيضا
    be availed to DAAD. The ranked shortlist will contain preferably triple (at least
    مضاعفة) عدد المنح الدراسية التي نسبت إلى المؤسسة.
    تحتفظ DAAD بحق الاختيار النهائي.
  • الخطوة الثانية:

يُطلب من المرشحين المختارين مسبقًا تسجيل الدخول إلى بوابة DAAD والتسجيل
أنفسهم وتقديم طلب DAAD.
1. التسجيل عبر الإنترنت عبر بوابة DAAD (إن لم تكن مسجلة بالفعل):
https://portal.daad.de, Deadline: 15.11.2018
2. تقدم بطلب عبر الإنترنت عبر بوابة DAAD تحت علامة "التمويل الشخصي" /
المستندات الواجب تقديمها:
– DAAD application form duly filled in (available in the DAAD-Portal)
– Hand signed curriculum vitae (please use the European specimen
النموذج في http: //europass.cedefop. Europa.eu) ، بما في ذلك قائمة
المنشورات (إن وجدت).
– Recommendation letter by university teachers (PhD 2)
– Letter of admission of the host university / institution / network
– Certified copies of university degree certificates including transcripts
– Letter of motivation (if applicable: mentioning the planned research
البقاء في ألمانيا ، راجع "مزايا إضافية")
– Copy of the passport
– Declaration of acceptance from the academic supervisor
– Detailed and precise PhD proposal, including detailed work and time
جدول (إن وجد): ذكر البحث المزمع البقاء فيه
ألمانيا ، راجع "المزايا الإضافية")
– Abstract of the proposal on one page (please include name and title

للمزيد من المعلومات:

Visit the Official Webpage of the DAAD-AIMS Scholarships 2019

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