European University Institute (EUI) School of Transnational Governance 2019 Policy Leader Fellowship (Fully Funded to Florence, Italy with € 2,500 Monthly Grant)

آخر موعد للتسجيل: 22 February 2019 (12:00 noon CET)

البرنامج: 3, 6 or 9 months fellowship for policy professionals الموقع: European University Institute, Florence
التمويل: grant of € 2,500 per month

الـ Policy Leader Fellowship of the School of Transnational Governance provides a unique opportunity for policy professionals from around the world to further develop their policy work and professional skills whilst participating in workshops, training and skills development sessions, conferences and other events, in addition to interacting with the other fellows, policy makers and the academic community at the EUI.


The highly competitive fellowships last for 3, 6 or 9 months, and are fully-funded with a grant of €2,500 per month.
Fellows must live in the area of Florence for the duration of their fellowship.
A family allowance is available where appropriate. The language of the programme is English.

يجب أن يكون مقدمو الطلبات هم:

  • المهنيون في وقت مبكر أو منتصف حياتهم المهنية (على سبيل المثال في السياسة والخدمة المدنية والإعلام والمنظمات غير الحكومية) ، قادرون على إظهار كل من الخبرة المهنية وإمكانات التميز في المستقبل في مجال السياسة.
  • إشراك الأفراد المشاركين فعلاً في قضايا السياسة ، خاصة تلك المتعلقة بالحوكمة عبر الوطنية.
  • لديهم دوافع ذاتية وقادرة على تقديم خطة عمل واضحة للزمالة لإظهار ما سيحققه مقدم الطلب وكيف سيكون لهذا العمل تأثير "مضاعف" بعد الزمالة.
  • Curious and engaged contributors.Fellows are expected to be part of the EUI community on a daily basis and to participate in peer discussions on topics which may be beyond their expertise.
  • يجيد اللغة الإنجليزية تحدثا وكتابة.

Requested Documents

  • إعداد الخاص بك CV in PDF (Additionally, a short biography is requested in the application form. The bio serves the purpose of the selection process and will also be used for communications purposes if the applicant is accepted for the fellowship. It should be written in third person singular and be around 100-120 words (around 800 characters with spaces)
  • يحضر رسالة التحفيز (max 2 pages) in PDF, describing your interests and/or links with transnational policy issues, your future professional ambitions and the reasons to apply for the fellowship (a short summary of this document of max. 1000 characters is requested in the application form)
  • يحضر detailed work-plan with title (max 2 pages) in PDF, describing what you hope to achieve during the fellowship, and the details of the steps necessary to achieve that goal (a short summary of this document of max. 1000 characters is requested in the application form)
  • نسخة من highest educational certificate في بدف.
  • اختياري (candidates are free to decide if they want to use this option or not): a sample of their work (a report, a policy brief, an article, an op-ed, a weblink) to help demonstrate the interests and ambitions of the candidate, in PDF.

Please use standard international fonts, do not use macros, special characters, password-protection, electronic signatures or logos. Documents should be submitted in English.

Letters of References

  • Applicants should provide the name of one referee, preferably a person who has worked with the applicant, and ensure that the reference is submitted online directly by the referee by the deadline 22 February. References will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • In addition to this, applicants are requested to provide the name and contact details of one other referee whom the EUI may contact.
  • References from current full-time or part-time EUI professors will not be accepted.

إجراءات التقديم:

Applications have to be submitted through the Online Application Form. There are no paper forms to complete or to mail – hard copy or e-mail applications will not be accepted.

There are two distinct phases in the application process:

1. Register your application

2. Submit your application by 22 February 2019 (12:00 noon CET)

Once you have registered your application you may continue to work on the application details and attachments until the deadline. Submit the application only when you have filled in all the information correctly and have successfully uploaded the final version of the attachments.

للمزيد من المعلومات:

Visit the Official Webpage of the EUI School of Transnational Governance 2019 Policy Leader Fellowship

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