HBS Africa Business Club New Venture Competition 2019 (15,000 USD prize)

آخر موعد للتسجيل: 5pm EST on November 30th, 2018.

As part of the 21st Africa Business Conference, the Africa Business Club will be hosting the New Venture Competition on February 15th, 2019. The New Venture Competition aims to showcase the diversity of entrepreneurs making a difference on the continent today.


The competition is open to all African entrepreneurs with businesses focused on shaping Africa’s future. Entrepreneurs who offer unique and homegrown solutions to local problems and who meet the following eligibility criteria are highly encouraged to apply:

  • الشركات الناشئة في مرحلة مبكرة (للربح أو غير هادفة للربح)
  • تركز أفريقيا مع غالبية أو كل عملياتها في أفريقيا
  • أقل من موظفي 50
  • أقل من سنوات 5 من العمليات
  • Raised less $250,000 in funding to date


  • هنومكس النهائية will be invited to pitch their business in front of approximately 700 attendees and receive feedback from a panel of experienced judges. The competition winner and runner-up will be awarded cash prizes of $10,000 و $5,000، على التوالي.
  • The top 20 shortlisted ventures will also have the opportunity to showcase their companies at the Startup Fair to network and and interact with distinguished panelists and conference attendees.


The judges will evaluate the venture’s potential for economic success and the likelihood of achieving that success based upon the team’s plan, experience, and the validation of key assumptions and a clear and convincing presentation of the following:

  • Value proposition and business model (including market validation of value proposition/growth hypothesis)
  • Team expertise and ability to execute
  • فرصة السوق
  • Geopolitical and industry context
  • Potential risks and mitigants
  • Realistic assumptions underlying any financial projections
  • Defined milestones and execution plan

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Visit the Official Webpage of the HBS Africa Business Club Africa Business Conference New Venture Competition 2019

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