Milken-Penn GSE Education خطة أعمال مسابقة 2019 لرجال الأعمال في جميع أنحاء العالم ($ 100,000 جائزة)

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The Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC) is open to applicants worldwide and offers a tremendous opportunity to entrepreneurs and investors alike. With a rich history of success, the EBPC has awarded over $1,000,000 in cash prizes since 2010, and winners and finalists have gone on to raise more than $135 million in additional funding. Through its dynamic ecosystem, the EBPC celebrates meaningful innovations that address persistent and emerging problems in education.


The EBPC welcomes entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in education in areas of focus including:

  • التعليم الحضري
  • ربط البحث بالممارسة
  • التعلم التدريس
  • التكنولوجيا في الصنف K من خلال 12
  • التعليم الخاص والطلاب المعرضين للخطر
  • Open & Collaborative Solutions: The Education Ecosystem
  • التعلم عن بعد عبر الإنترنت في التعليم العالي
  • حلول التعليم العالمية / بلا حدود
  • التعليم في مرحلة الطفولة المبكرة
  • تعلم القوى العاملة


Any individual is eligible to enter the Competition by submitting an Entry (defined below), except the following individuals are not eligible:

  • أي شخص تحت سن 18 سنة ؛
  • أي قاضي منافسة
  • Anyone who previously was awarded a prize in the Venture Path of this Competition. (However, if a previous winner wants to enter a new educational entrepreneurship business plan, which the University determines, in its sole opinion and determination, is unrelated to the previous winning educational entrepreneurship business plan, then the previous winning Applicant may do so, subject to his or her or its compliance with all of the other eligibility requirements.);
  • أي شخص يكون من غير القانوني الدخول في هذه المسابقة في نطاق اختصاصه القانوني ؛
  • Any Graduate School of Education faculty, lecturer, administrator, staff, or other employee. (Note: Faculty, lecturers, administrators, staff, employees, and students from the University of Pennsylvania and its schools, centers and institutes, غير كلية الدراسات العليا للتعليم ، قد تدخل في المسابقة ، المقدمة that he or she has first disclosed his or her product or service or technology or concept or intellectual property to the University’s Penn Center for Innovation or its successor (“Penn PCI”), using the disclosure form required by Penn PCI, in order for Penn PCI to determine whether the University has an ownership interest in such product or service or technology or concept or intellectual property by virtue of its intellectual property and employment policies.

Competition Structure

جولة شنومكس is open to applicants who currently generate revenue, grants, customers, or investors, as well as those with well-conceived plans to do so.

Semi-Finalists selected from Round 1 will receive:

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship with industry specialists
  • حرية الوصول إلى Catalyst Bootcamps that explore essentials of startup strategies and plans for growth
  • Showcase your venture and receive valuable feedback at a thought leadership event concurrent with ISTE in Philadelphia
  • Opportunities to take your business idea to the next level

جولة شنومكس is open to Semi-Finalists from Round 1 who have the exclusive opportunity to submit a refined application enriched by this development process with Catalyst.

نهائي selected from Round 2 will pitch their venture at the EBPC Finals in Philadelphia for the chance win cash prizes and share their idea with investors, entrepreneurs, and educational thought-leaders.

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