Palliative Care Development in Africa: Small Grants Programme 2019

الموعد النهائي لتقديم الطلبات: 1st March 2019

The Trustees of the True Colours Trust have set aside funds towards a small grants programme for hospices and palliative care providers across Africa to support the development of palliative care. All work supported by this programme must adhere to the WHO definition of palliative care.

All funding decisions are made by the Trustees of the True Colours Trust, who meet twice a year to review applications. Applications and approved grants are administered by the African Palliative Care Association. Funding is primarily for one-off projects, with a duration of no more than one year. The size of grants ranges from £500- £5,000.

أولويات التمويل

Trustees favour support for items which directly improve the patient experience and the standard of palliative care services for people of all ages. Priority is given to the following, in no particular order:

  • Training courses for palliative care service providers held in Africa (applicants must supply a curriculum / outline of the topics covered, and supply the name of the accrediting body. Funds will be released on receiving the letter of acceptance for the training institution)
  • Equipment for patients (e.g. beds, wheelchairs). For equipment we will require at least three quotes attached to the application, with the preferred quote indicated and reasons why.
  • Projects supporting paediatric palliative care services (this could include purchasing toys, integrating paediatric services into an existing programme, developing materials for advocacy, etc.).
  • أدوية.
  • Capital improvement costs (such as refurbishing buildings to improve the patient experience, buying furniture, etc.)
  • Developing small palliative care projects (integrating palliative care components in existing health care services, adapting palliative care models, quality improvement activities e.g Palliative Care standards, developing materials, etc.) and helping health care providers to establish new palliative care projects where none currently exist.
  • Increasing access to palliative care in rural areas.

Grants will not be approved for:

  • Attending conferences
  • Education courses outside Africa
  • General work with children and young people which does not adhere to the WHO definition of palliative care
  • Per Diems or grants to individuals or governments.
  • As multi-year grants are not considered, the Trustees will not normally fund salary costs.


The deadline for applications this year will be 01st March and 01st September respectively. Trustees will then review applications in April and October. Trustees will only consider appeals made by completing the small grants application form which is available هنا. Should you require additional support or information while developing the proposals you can contact the Small Grants Officer at APCA by telephone +256 312 264978 or email at: or

يرجى إرفاق جميع المستندات المطلوبة في نموذج الطلب هذا. تطبيقات غير مكتملة خطر عدم النظر فيها.

يجب على جميع المتقدمين تضمين المستندات التالية مع طلبهم:

  • نسخة من تسجيل منظمتك تؤكد أنها كيان قانوني في بلد العملية.
  • Reference letter from a relevant local hospice and palliative care organisation, ministry of health or any other credible network organisation e.g. cancer society, hospital, academic institution. Proof of employment with the organisation of the person responsible for the project.
  • Proof of registration of the person responsible with the relevant professional body/council such as the Medical Association where applicable.
  • نسخة من تصريح عمل ساري المفعول إذا كان الشخص المسؤول ليس من رعايا.
  • الحسابات المراجعة الحالية. في حالة عدم وجود حسابات مدققة جارية ، يرجى تقديم تفسير عن سبب عدم إمكانية تقديم الحسابات وتقديم بيان سنوي عن الإيرادات والنفقات بدلاً من ذلك.
  • Detailed project budget using the attached template. (The budget should be provided both in the local currency and GBP currency, indicating the date of currency conversion and rate used)
  • A copy of the organisation structure if available. Alternatively, a summary list of staff positions in the organisation indicating number of people per position.
  • السيرة الذاتية للسيرة الذاتية للاتصال المؤسسي الرئيسي ، والشخص المسؤول عن تنسيق المشروع ، والشخص المسؤول عن إدارة التمويل للمشروع.

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