The Oxford Policy Fellowship Programme 2019 for early-career professionals (Fully Funded)

آخر موعد للتسجيل: Friday 01 February 2019 at 12 noon (GMT),

Are you are looking for your next challenge, or planning a wholesale career move? Become an Oxford Policy Fellow for a unique opportunity to apply your legal knowledge within an international development context.

The Oxford Policy Fellowship Programme is specifically aimed at placing early-career professionals in low- and middle-income country governments to work as civil servants.

الزمالة هي بداية فصل جديد مثير في حياتك المهنية. إنه يفتح الباب أمام مهنة مع مجموعة من الوكالات الدولية والمنظمات غير الحكومية والاستشارات الإنمائية والمنظمات الحكومية.

The Oxford Policy Fellowship aim to provide a valuable service to under-served Ministries in participating host countries. For example, the pilot placements range from working with Ministries of Finance and Planning Commissions, with an emphasis on legal frameworks for Public Private Partnerships, to more general policy advisor roles in Ministries of Agriculture. To date the Fellowship has partnered with ministries of finance, trade, agriculture, environment, energy, health and education in ten countries.

يحتوي البرنامج على ثلاثة أهداف رئيسية:

  • لتزويد الحكومات بمستشارين مبكرين في بداية حياتهم المهنية ، حيث هناك حاجة لقدرة إضافية.
  • لخلق مجتمع من ممارسي القانون وممارسي السياسات عبر الحكومات.
  • لتعزيز ثقافة التعلم من خلال إطار الرصد والتقييم المبتكر لدينا.

توفر زمالة أكسفورد للسياسات أيضًا فرصًا وظيفية تحويلية للمهنيين المهتمين بالتنمية.

The Fellowship is an initiative of Oxford Policy Management and its major funding partner is the UK Government’s Department for International Development (UK DFID). It has also received funding from the New Venture Fund and a private donation.

متطلبات الأهلية:

  • Depending on the specific post for which you are applying, a law degree, an LLM, a Masters in Law, a Masters in Public Policy, or a related field will be required. Useful interests and specialisations include commercial/finance law, contract law, environmental law, international law, health law and policy and development studiess
  • The Oxford Policy Fellowship are looking for outstanding candidates who have a demonstrable interest and some work experience in law and/or policy; relevant work or voluntary experience in a developing country; and strong computer skills.
  • يجب أن تكون أيضًا على استعداد للالتزام بنشر لمدة عامين في أي من الدول المشاركة.
  • The commitment from all parties (governments, Fellows and the Fellowship) is for two full years. However, each posting is reviewed at the one year mark by all parties to ensure continued value add. Candidates should only apply if they are prepared to spend the two full years in post; it is very disruptive to the programme and to our relationships with government partners if Fellows leave for non-critical reasons mid-posting. Fellows can continue working with the government beyond two years, but the Fellowship only provides support for two years.


  • Candidates who are invited for the second-round panel interview will be reimbursed for their travel costs. If they are coming from overseas, we will organise and pay for your airfares and local Oxford accommodation.
  • Successful candidates will attend an Orientation training in early September before deploying to their posting. All Fellows are expected to deploy in September/October each year, and by the end of November at the latest. However this will depend on the start date agreed with the government, taking the notice period of the Fellow and the government’s preference into account.

Interview Process:

هناك أربع مراحل لتوظيف الزملاء:

  1. تطبيق – candidates will be required to provide a completed application form along with supporting documents in order to be considered. Details will be made available on the ‘how to apply’ page.
  2. مقابلات سكايب - بناءً على الطلبات التي نتلقاها ، سيتم اختيار المرشحين في القائمة المختصرة للمشاركة في مقابلة Skype في الجولة الأولى. هذه هي مقابلات 45 غير رسمية على سكايب مع ممثلين عن الزمالة. سوف تركز الأسئلة في هذه المرحلة على المهارات الجادة والناس.
  3. مقابلات لوحة وتمارين جماعية – a further shortlist of candidates will be invited to attend an in-person interview and group exercise. Requirements will include a 15 minute presentation, competency based questions and group interaction.
  4. قائمة مختصرة للحكومات - المرحلة الأخيرة من التعيين هي أن يقدم موظفو الزمالة القائمة النهائية النهائية للمرشحين إلى كل مدير حكومي يختارون مرشحهم المفضل بناءً على احتياجاتهم.

إجراءات التقديم:

  • A completed application form and all other required documentation should be emailed to [البريد الإلكتروني محمي] by Friday 01 February 2019 at 12 noon (GMT), please submit all required documentation in one email.

Application form 2019 – the Oxford Policy Fellowship

الرجاء التواصل [البريد الإلكتروني محمي] if you have any questions or experience any issues when applying.

للمزيد من المعلومات:

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