Thomson Foundation/Mojofest mobile Journalism Competition 2019 (Fully Funded to Mojofest in Galway, Ireland)

آخر موعد للتسجيل: Friday 12th April, 2019

The Thomson Foundation mobile journalism competition is a leading showcase for mobile journalism (‘mojo’) talent. In partnership with Mojofest, the competition is now in its fifth year.

Every spring, applications are invited from those who have what it takes to become the next mojo star. Applicants are required to submit a feature story or news report filmed and edited تماما on a mobile device, which excites, intrigues and surprises and demonstrates impact and creativity.


الجائزة 1: The winner will receive return flights to Galway, Ireland, five-star accommodation and tickets to Mojofest from 6-8th June 2019, a festival dedicated to mobile journalism and headed up by one of the most respected mojo voices in the industry, Glen Mulcahy.

الجائزة 2: Five runners up will also receive free access to Glen’s advanced mobile journalism online course from our الصحافة الآن البرنامج.

كيفية الدخول:

1) Create a mobile journalism story, either a feature or TV-style news report with a run time of 2-5 minutes. The most important thing is that the story is shot and edited entirely on a mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry, etc) and that the video content is delivered in high definition.

2) يجب أن يتم إنتاج القصة بواسطة فرد واحد وسيتم وضع علامة على الإدخالات على ما يلي:

  • الصحافة: أصالة ومصداقية القصة ، مما يدل على البحث الأصلي والجهد واستخدام المقابلات.
  • تأثير: أهمية الموضوع والتأثير الذي حققته القصة.
  • التفرد للوسط: الاستخدام المبتكر والمناسب لتقنيات تسجيل الجوّال.
  • سرد قصصي: وضوح رواية القصص.
  • الجودة التقنية: الجودة الفنية للإنتاج.

3) Entries should ideally be in English, however, other languages with on screen subtitles are acceptable.

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