Thomson Reuters Journalism Training Programme 2019 (Middle East XCHARX Africa) – Funded Training at Reuters, London-United Kingdom

آخر موعد للتسجيل: 30th November 2018 at midday (UK time).

ال Reuters Journalism Programme is an opportunity for recent graduates, early career reporters, or professionals with تجربة 2-3 سنوات who are looking to switch careers into journalism. The programme in 2019 will consist of 9 أشهر of formal and on-the-job journalism training, initially for one month in London, followed by one of our other main reporting newsrooms or bureaus across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We are excited to work with emerging talents who can tell stories about finance, politics and people from new perspectives and in different formats. As a global business we rely on diversity of culture and thought to deliver on our goals. To ensure we can do that, we seek diverse, talented and qualified employees with proven knowledge and passion for business, markets and/or multimedia and data journalism.

Progamme Details

  • Nine-month scheme including intensive training and reporting assignments
  • Placement in the London newsroom or a major bureau in EMEA
  • Application due by Friday 30th November 2018
  • Programme begins September 2019
  • Participants who excel may be considered for other opportunities


  • الالتزام الواضح بمهنة في الصحافة
  • القيادة لبناء مصادر، وكسر الأخبار وتقديم قصص ذكرت عميق
  • اهتمام قوي بالقضايا التي تؤثر على الشركات والأسواق والاقتصادات
  • القدرة على توليد الأفكار القصة الأصلية ذات الصلة
  • الطموح لتقديم الصحافة مع تأثير حقيقي
  • الطلاقة في اللغة الإنجليزية المكتوبة
  • Fluency in a second language beneficial but not compulsory
  • نظرة دولية

المهارات المطلوبة الأخرى (لا الشروط المسبقة)

  • المعرفة أو الخبرة في مجال ذي صلة مثل المصرفية والتحليل المالي والمحاسبة والقانون أو علوم الكمبيوتر
  • Up to 3 years of professional journalism experience
  • أثبتت القدرة على توليد قصص حصرية ووضع جدول الأعمال
  • تجربة في وسائل الإعلام متعددة القصص
  • خبرة في تحليل البيانات أو الصحافة القائمة على البيانات
  • فهم كيفية استخدام وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية للإبلاغ عن المصادر وإيجادها

Application Window:

Applications open Friday 5th October and close on Friday 30th November 2018 at midday (UK time).

Recruitment Process & Timelines:

If successful, you will be taken through a structured recruitment process which includes:

  • Initial CV and Candidate Profile Screen (from October – December)
  • Online Survey (from October – December)
  • Writing Test (from January – February)
  • Interview Day (February – March)

للمزيد من المعلومات:

زيارة صفحة ويب الرسمية لبرنامج التدريب تومسون رويترز الصحافة شنومكس

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  1. Dear: Sir/ Madam

    My Name is Marie Moima. I am writing you this email because i have seen the internships that Thomson Reuters is offering. I have built and based my passion for media, politics and to become a professional journalist. I am interested in applying for the programs that is organisation is offering or any job opportunity

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