Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) 2019 for young African Entrepreneurs (5th Cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme)

الموعد النهائي لتقديم الطلبات: مارس 1st ، 2019.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, the leading African-funded and founded philanthropy committed to empowering African entrepreneurs, is now accepting applications for the 2019 cohort of the TEF 5th Cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme.

The Foundation’s flagship initiative, the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, is a 10-year, $100 million commitment to identify, train mentor and fund 10,000 entrepreneurs, capable of changing the face of business across Africa.

متطلبات الأهلية:

The programme is open to all citizens and legal residents of any one of the 54 African countries.
The proposed business must be registered and operate in Africa.


Upon completion of the 12-week Start-up Enterprise Toolkit (learning) programme, certification of submitted business plan, provision of required documentation, business bank account, among other requirements, entrepreneurs will qualify for the first stage non-refundable seed capital of $5,000 (terms and conditions apply

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the programme by meeting stipulated requirements and deadlines will be eligible for funding. There are two stages of funding available to entrepreneurs:

First stage seed capital funding of $5,000 (based on the official Central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate)– a non-returnable investment. Please see Terms and Conditions for clarification.
Second stage capital returnable investment – entrepreneurs will apply and be considered for this based on the viability of their business.

معيار الاختيار:

سيتم الحكم على جميع التطبيقات وفقًا لمعايير 5 الأساسية ، وهي:

-جدوى من فكرة العمل.

– Market Opportunity: معرفة وفهم السوق والعملاء والمنافسين لفكرتهم / أعمالهم.

– Financial Understanding: فهم المتطلبات المالية الأساسية لإدارة الأعمال والتكاليف والإيرادات.

– Scalability: يوضح إمكانية النسخ المتماثل ونمو منتجهم أو خدمتهم لخلق فرص العمل والثروة.

– Leadership Potential and Entrepreneurial Skills: إظهار إمكانات القيادة ، وقادرة على جذب الناس والعملاء والموارد.

عملية التطبيق:

All applications must be submitted ONLINE through the application platform of the TEF Connect . You must complete an application form by answering a series of mandatory questions.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email of receipt within 1 working day.

Applicants can apply on TEFConnect – – the largest digital networking platform for African entrepreneurs.

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تعليقات شنومكس

  1. This is amazing. African entrepreneurs need training and help so they can make a difference in their communities.
    I am really interested in this program and will be applying. I am a Leadership coach with a vision to transform mindsets and to instill confidence in people so they flourish and maximize their potential

  2. Élevage de la volailles locale de l’Afrique de l’ouest précisément au Bénin dans la cité des Tata particularité c’est la pintade de cette zone qui a une saveur particulière que je tente de préserver car les pratique des OGM tendent modifié cette espèce qu’il faut absolument préservé.

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